Regrets By Retirees

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Have you ever tackled a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project and in the end regret how it turned out? Or when you read the online forums it said the average time was thirty minutes and two hours later you’re still at it? Well I have and half way through I wished I would’ve paid someone to do it. Life is full of failures and with it inevitably come regrets. In the end you have two options: learn and improve or sulk and stink. Retirees tend to look back more than others and some of their wisdom may be worth listening to.


I read an article recently that described a caregiver’s journey when talking with her patients. Her findings were interesting. Some were regrets of things done and others were regrets of things not done and wish they would’ve. The article goes on to describe retiree’s regrets.
I encourage you to read the article. Some of the regrets could be helpful to you and you can learn from them and improve right now instead of repeating their same words.
If you are in the stage of retirement, don’t’ think that there’s nothing you can do now. Plenty of people have made major impact in their “retirement” stage. Here is an excellent book out there for those near or in this stage. It shows how retirement could be your most significant stage of life. I would highly recommend it. It’s called: Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance by Bob Buford.
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