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Financial and retirement planning guidance from Certified Financial Planner John Teixeira and Nick McDevitt of PFG Private Wealth Management in the Tampa Bay, FL area. On this show, you’ll learn about how the financial and retirement world has evolved over the past several decades, how to properly plan for your own future, and some of the important pitfalls to avoid.

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Ep 60: Top Social Security Myths, Part 2

On This Episode This is part 2 of our Social Security conversation. We will be debunking the remaining 5 myths on today's show. Subscribe On Your Favorite App Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Stitcher TuneIn More...

Ep 59: Top Social Security Myths, Part 1

On This Episode Have you ever wondered if the Social Security system will run out of money before you retire? Or if claiming benefits as soon as you're eligible is the best decision for your financial future? In this episode, we'll be debunkin...

Ep 45: Planning For Things We Can’t Predict

On This Episode There are certain things in life we just can’t predict. If we knew the answers to some of these questions, planning for retirement would sure be a lot easier. So let’s see how you go about constructing a plan that addresses the...