Social Security is such a complex subject.

Sometimes even Social Security recipients misunderstand their options
and privileges. That’s why we offer this FREE digital handbook



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This handy guide tells you how to apply and encourages you to think about the timing of your retirement, your health, and your desire to work in your sixties and seventies – because those three factors may greatly influence your Social Security claiming decision. It also explores whether some of your Social Security income might be taxed (sad to say, that is possible) and how one spouse’s decision to file may affect the other spouse’s retirement benefits.

We want you to be confident and sure about your decision when you claim Social Security. The content in this handbook states things clearly and without a lot of jargon. You will likely have some opinions (and maybe a question or two) after you read it, so please feel free to follow up with a call or an email. Who knows? Your retirement plans may change as a result of what you learn.

We believe this guide will help you get the process started for thinking about a successful and enjoyable retirement.  If you have additional questions, we would love to speak with you in person.  Feel free to schedule a free consultation.